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Design-building company "Interproject" offers solutions on researches and complex designing transport roads and bridges, objects of a transport infrastructure, industrial lines of the enterprises and civil structures.

Company "Interproject" successfully works in the market since 1994. The basic direction of activity of the company – designing. Bridges and traffic intersections, highways, inhabited many-storied buildings, industrial and trading complexes, cottages and garages-it that incomplete list the robot which are capable to execute at high professional level our command.

We carry out all complex design jobs, beginning from creation of idea, predesigned working out, gathering of initial data, design and survey the robot and finishing architectural supervision and delivery realization structure in operation.

Except design, the structure of our company includes building division which has experience of performance construction and repair work of different level of complexity.

The shortest terms and high quality of designing and building are main principles of ours projects, and a guarantee of it is a highly skilled command of engineers-designers.

In our works we consider interests of our partners, customers and subcontractors and accurately we carry out of the obligations. The proof of high quality jobs we serve in the course of which esigning our engineers-designers took part, which is shined in section "Projects".


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